After thinking for a while, I want to write my thoughts down, they are not very original because I have already read comments and ideas from lots of people.

First of all, why do we changed from multiple majors and minors to reginal leagues? There are multiple reasons:

1. We are putting money to help the Tier 2 scene, DPC give them a chance to play and be watched in a pro level regularly, this will help to raise new pro players as well.

2. Regular tournaments also helps teams to be more stable, and the stability helps a lot…

PSG.LGD are the Grand Champions of The AniMajor. By Wykrhm Reddy

Props to WePlay, AniMajor is one of the best Major ever produced, despite missing the amazing crowd.


Patch: 7.29d
Games: 134
Total Heroes: 120
Picked: 100
Banned: 92
Untouched: 17
Out of Captains Mode:


Member of Dota Observatory

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